Learn about online gambling psychology

Learn about online gambling psychology

Monetary fortunes have always been a desire of the people and for those who cannot achieve it in the short term, the game is the fastest and best method to fulfill these fantasies. From early ages, all that is around us pushes us to an objective: “Get as much money as possible”, for this reason, people are seduced by this type of games. These parallel worlds have the capacity to make people feel all kinds of emotions, from euphoria to depression.

The game has a great melting pot of variations and forms, as it can be from sports betting to logical games for the mind, each and every one of them designed for a specific audience with the aim of making the people who play them feel emotions, some are virtual but others are real-life salons called generally casinos, or poker rooms that offer to gamble to their clients, such as poker, blackjack, roulette, among others.

In today’s world, where everything is constantly changing, people thanks to the accelerated pace and the progressive growth of cities seek to make everything faster and easier using the internet or mobile telephony, for that reason, people’s lives become monotonous and they look for the different sensations that they generate playing, risking something, either at random or with the mental capacities of each one.

The different creators of these games offer us the possibility of playing from home, the office or wherever you are, through our mobile devices, in these modern and busy times there are online casinos or poker rooms that have been adapted and offer your online games, either for simple fun or entertainment or to earn money.

As the English writer, Oscar Wilde said: “Man is never sincere when he plays his own role. Give him a mask and I will tell you the truth “, this phrase demonstrates a truth of the human being, of psychology, which is that a person from anonymity or privacy feels more comfortable allowing him to risk or do things that if it were not for this condition, they would not risk or do not. When you feel comfortable our senses become more acute and in our objectives, it is in the first instance “to defeat the dealer”, with whom you play an intense psychological game.

People become obsessed with online games because it is the possibility of doing something that in real life you could not do, for example, be rich, brave or control war between countries. This goes beyond money or money, it becomes the intense feeling of being free or challenged by the uncertainty of chance, although this is a dangerous game because you can isolate ourselves from the real world because in this virtual world you feel so well and so fulfilled that you will not want to return to the real world, this feeling of wellbeing is given by the dopamine that is a hormone that gives off the brain when you feel in a situation of pleasure or well-being.

This addiction to gambling is called ludopathy which is an impulse control disorder in which the person is uncontrollably forced to gamble progressively which affects him negatively in his personal life, this disorder is defined in this way by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) in which all mental disorders are classified with clear descriptions and classifications.